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KUALA LUMPUR: Animal rights activists in Thailand praised the seizure of around 700 dogs who had been caged and ready for transport into Vietnam where they would have been slaughtered and eaten, the Nakhon Phanom Animal Quarantine Center said on Saturday after receiving the animals as part of their recuperation.

Thai police said that they arrested a truckdriver in the Ban Phaeng district on Friday evening and discovered the animals in the back.

Driver Salud Khottakok was transporting the dogs from Sakhon Nakhon to the border in a six-wheel truck when he was stopped.

He reportedly confessed to police of being hired by aVietnameseinvestor to deliver the dogs to Ban Phaeng Pier, from where they were to be taken down theMekong River to Vietnam.

Center chief Chusak Pongpanich said in a statement that the latest batch “took the center’s dog population to about 2,000.

“The shelter…

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From the Food and Environment Reporting Network:

Bladder infections affect 60 percent of all American women, with a rising number resistant to antibiotic treatment. Now researchers looking into the cause of the mysterious drug resistance have found evidence that it’s coming from poultry treated with antibiotics, according to a joint investigation by the Food & Environment Reporting Network and ABC News.

Emphasis added. Jaw dropped.

The investigation, which aired on ABC’s Good Morning America, highlights how the overuse of antibiotics in animal agriculture has made it more difficult to treat these painful, long lasting, and recurring infections because one course of antibiotics no longer works. The cost of treating the disease is estimated at $1 billion annually.

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Paul Watson

Paul Watson (Photo credit: hoveringdog)

via Sea Shepherd South Africa:

BREAKING NEWS: Via Scott West – “Captain Paul Watson was arrested today at Frankfurt airport on a warrant for his arrest for his intervention for the sharks campaign in 2005 in Costa Rica (in the documentary Sharkwater campaign). “

More details to come when head office issues the official press release.

via Sea Shepherd Denver:

We don’t want you to panic, because we have great lawyers on the case, but we do want you to know that Captain Paul Watson was arrested this morning at Frankfurt airport on a warrant for his arrest for his intervention for the sharks in 2005 in the Costa Rica (in the documentary Sharkwater campaign). More details to come when we have them.

via Sea Shepherd Dallas:

Captain Paul Watson was arrested this morning at Frankfurt airport on a warrant for…

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As I take my very last breath….

For all the horses that are about to be rounded up , put in trucks not large enough to carry you to your deaths, were many of you will arrive at the slaughter houses with broken legs, torn muscles, battered faces, for all you mares about to abort your foals that you have carried for 11 months and loved, and anticipated the arrival of, for all of you that will have to watch your herd mates, your friends, the ones you have learned from, the ones you have trusted, and built a bond with, die before your eyes, I am truly sorry!! But believe this, I will exact revenge in your name, and in your honor! I may not be able to save you, but rest assured, hell fire is about to rain down on those that have allowed this to take place. I will go to my grave trying to save you from this hell…….

I love my City, Ocala. My home and my life.

I just want to talk a little bit about the little town of Ocala, that I live in. I am now 46, and have lived here since the age of 11. I crew up in Belleview, attending Belleview Santos Elementary, Lake Weir Middle, and Lake Weir High. I moved from Belleview to Ocala in 1985. I have lived on the same property since then. Home, is there any better feeling? Ocala is so rich  with history, and so rich in culture. Every day you can learn something new about this lovely little town.

My husband and I, learned about the Silver Springs property, and how long it has been known. There are so many wonderful historical places around our little town, and just a few clicks away, you can learn so much!


I hope each and every one of you get the chance to explore and visit some of the rich and interesting historical areas of Ocala, and Marion County. Each year we explore some thing new and find things we never knew existed. How much can you find just exploring this wonderful world we live in? I look forward to hearing from you and maybe you can show me some thing new that I had not seen before. Would appreciate the feed back!

New species of fish found. Our most interesting world is full of new wonders!

“Using its fins to walk, rather than swim, along the ocean floor in an undated picture, the pink handfish is one of nine newly named species described in a recent scientific review of the handfish family.” There has been an amazing discovery on the bottom of the ocean. Fish with hands! I always find it so very interesting when they discover new species, and it makes me wonder how many more countless beings there are on earth that we are not aware of. Please enjoy this interesting article from Nat Geo.


Let us get real for a minute

OK, here in Florida the state is now hunting down and killing snakes in the ever glades and other places in south Fl. The reason they are citing is because a 2 year old child was killed in her bed by a 10 foot Boa. Now I have a huge problem with this. When stupid is allowed to breed and have kids, stupid should be the one held responsible for the child’s death, not a snake. When parents place kids in cars, and not protect them with seat belts, or car seats, and they get hurt, or die in car accidents, we don’t stop them from driving. When they leave kids in the car while rushing into work, and the child dies in the sweltering heat, we do not out law cars. When parents allow  the family dog to eat the child, we don’t out law dogs. SO why because one stupid parent allowed their child to be smothered to death by a Boa, are we know killing the ones that have been released by stupid people? I am not understanding this logic at all.

In my opinion the money would be better spent on legislation that bans stupid people from having children. There should be a test, a class, some sort of supervision, something to protect children from stupid parents. There are to many of them in the world today. It really bothers me that we do not do more to protect children from dumb parents. I know no one is perfect, but there is a big difference between good parents that make simple mistakes, like letting their child fall down, or pinch their fingers in a door, and a parent that is so dumb they allow a snake to smother it in the middle of the night. Or worse, leave them in a car to die of heat stroke, while they ran in the place of work with their latte from Starbucks. Some times I wish I ran the country, man the real changes I would make….

Anyway, tell me what you think. Let’s start an open dialoque and see where it takes us….

In a world so confused

We are all trying to wonder our way around this big world, that seems to be beating us up on a daily basis. It seems we find a new diversion each day, and at the end of the day, we try to figure out why we spent most, or at least a large part of that day on what we felt was that important. then, at the end of that time, most of us, I think, wish we could have that time back to do something other then what we spent the day on. May it be work, a co worker that is making our days harder then they have to be. It may be a spouse, sitting at home while you are out making a living, and you wonder if that person is worth all you do and give. It may be some one on the news, like Casey Anthony, whom we all know killed that angel, Caylee. To a person so low, that you think of a way to eliminate that person, even though you have never even considered it before. But during all of these thoughts, and actions we do each day, we still end it with regrets.

I have started to think about this long and hard, and have made a choice to not waste any more of my short time on this earth on things that I can not change, things that stress me, things that can harm me on a daily basis. I am working hard on focusing on the things that make me feel good, things I enjoy and things that I love. My husband, the love of my life, spent a whole week in the hospital, and I was so lonely each night, and was so worried about him. It also got me thinking about how much he means to me, and how fast the ones you love can and in most cases, are gone. He had a heart attack two years ago, and we almost lost him. That was the hardest thing I have ever endured. The waiting, the hoping, the wishing him better. Thanks to the Dr.’s he is doing great now. But when he was in the hospital last week, all that fear came back, and got me to thinking, what have we done in the 2 years since he almost died? If I lost him today, what have I got to hold on too? His memory, his love for me. That is a given, but what else? What else will I have to carry on? What does he have of me? If I go before him? I have decided it is time to make each day something special, and different. Less time worrying about stupid things. Less time wasted on issues that I can ot change, or that make me crazy. Life is really short. It is time for me to live every day, like it may be my last, or some one I love, last. When the time comes for me to leave this earth, it will be with no regrets.

I hope that each of you can take a little away with you that read this, and live each day with passion, love and complete freedom. Do not take any thing for granted. Live with no regrets. Leave no one regretting what might of been. Love it, live it, do it.

Back from the Beau

Well, we had a fantastic time. Check out a few of the pictures from the Beau. What a great place. We will be going back at the end of the month. A must do if you have the time. Happy belated 4th of July!


Another great voice, silenced.

Today I awoke to the news that George Carlin, 71 died of heart failure. Now this one really hurts. Never was there another person that could tell the truth with such passion, and make you laugh so hard stuff came out of your nose. He was indeed a funny man. What a truly sad day. In honor of George, here are a few words of wisdom that I learned from him…….

‘Shit, piss, fuck,cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and Tits.” Boy have we come a long way, thank you George. The world will not be the same with out you.

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