A foster home for them all..

ImageAs I sit and hold you in my arms, I realize how fragile you truly are. With each soft lick, with each soft nuzzle of your nose. With each and every heart beat against my chest. Your soft eyes, looking at me adoringly, I realize you depend on me for every thing. Food, water, comfort, shelter, and love. I understand you. You talk to me and I know what you are saying. I feel your terror when you first walk in the door. Your fear of the unknown. Awaiting the sounds, that left ringing in your sensitive ears, the barking madness of fear, confusion and loneliness you just left behind. Now, the peace of it, the silence now heard. All you do hear is the sniffling of the other dogs as they greet you into their home, their safety. Walking softly across the floor, sniffing the floor, getting familiar with your new home. You follow me, staying close by, looking for reassurance, waiting for some thing, not really knowing what. Then, after a good meal, a warm bath, and a soft pillow to lay on, I see you dream of what was. The loving touch of your previous owner. The giggle of your young child, who loved to feed you the hot dogs from the fridge. The sound of the family arising in the morning, bustling around the house, getting ready for the day, your ride in the car, exciting, does not happen much any more. Then, like a lightning bolt from no where, your in a cold, damp, loud strange place. they said they are moving, and there is no more room for you. Filled with fear, sadness, confusion,, you wait, ears pricked, straining to hear that voice you know. You watch as they take a neighbor, scared, dragging along to the room, and then you never see them again. You are not sure what happened to them, but you know it just is not right. Now, as you awake with a jolt, thinking of what was, you look around. Your eyes meet mine, and I see the love you have, the loyalty you want to give, yet holding out hope that it will be given back to the family you once loved so. I pick you up, hold you close, and try to let you know your love and loyalty will be welcomed here. You are home sweet friend, never to worry ever again if some one loves you. I do, and I will make sure that is all you will ever know. Welcome home, my newest foster baby. Thank you for gracing my life, and giving us humans a second chance to do right by you. ( Dedicated to Max, Misty, Olly, Haley, Sampson and Stryker. And to every foster and rescue that brings these angels into your homes and hearts )

I would like to encourage you all to consider becoming foster parents to dogs in need. It is a truly rewarding experience, that will lift your spirits, and give you endless love and hope. 
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